Hit a home run with your next fully digital scoreboard! Digital scoreboards are the best option to equip your new field or replace your current scoreboard because of their flexibility of use. Naturally it will fulfill the main purpose of keeping score, but in a vibrant and instantaneous way.

Even between innings, a digital scoreboard can be used for trivia questions, business advertising (which is a revenue source), promoting future games—and anything else you want to display. Just think of all the possibilities! If you use your field for multiple purposes, the scoreboard easily can be modified for a different sport or activity.  You can even display coaching videos or Hudl film reviews.

You’ll be happy to know that our scoreboards can be controlled with your existing scoreboard controller—no need to learn software! 

Our Baseball Scoreboards can be controlled by either the Trans-Lux Fair-Play MP70 / MP80 controllers or the Daktronics All Sport 5000. We integrate with the Stalker Radar to provide pitch speed on our scoreboards. We can include this information directly on our LED scoreboards or we can provide you with a stand-alone two-digit pitch speed indicator.

BA-7109-2 Baseball Scoreboard