Our LED Scoreboard Software allows you to turn any LED Display or monitor into a Scoreboard. Diagnostic information is continuously sent to CloudLED.com for remote monitoring. 

Our LED Scoreboard Scoreboard works on Android, iOS, Linux (Raspberry Pi), MacOS and Windows 10/11.

Digital scoreboards give you multi-sport capability! The layout editor gives you total flexibility in what to display and how you want to display it. Our designers will provide the initial layout based on your specifications and optimized based on the size of the scoreboard you choose.

Player profiles can be displayed whenever you want just by pushing a button. You can also display live video to catch all the action on the field and instant replays.

We have designed the scoreboards to pay for themselves with the increased potential for advertising revenue. Slideshow advertising and full video ads may be played on the full screen or just a portion, allowing the scores to remain onscreen at all times while maximizing the number of sponsors you can display.

Screens can also be set up to play live video feed. You can make your digital scoreboard as easy or as in depth as you’d like. Some schools even offer their graphics student the option to create content, giving them valuable experience and a sense of school pride.in designing your display. You could even create competitions for the designers.

Our library gives you professional graphics right out of the box.


Drag/Drop Media
Text Outline
Cross Platform
Graphics Library
Text Offset
Line Spacing
Animated Borders
Web Player
Weather.com Integration
Layer Manager
Customizable HTML

Player names can be loaded from excel sheet or from other
program database such as MeetManager.

Special effects when data changes such as roll up, swipe
left, etc.

Supports SVG, scalable vector graphics, for the clearest layout

Ability to remove background from images with just 1 click.

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