Our system works with and could be used as a replacement for the Daktronics All Sport 5000 / All Sport Pro. We are able to output in or receive the Daktronics Multi Drop Protocol (MDP) and Enhanced Real-Time Data (ERTD). The ERTD data comes from the J6 25 pin port on the back of the All Sport 5000. The MDP comes from the Gen 6 Wireless output. We do not currently process the current loop output from the controller.

All Sport 5000 -> Wired (ERTD) -> LEDPlayer

All Sport 5000 -> Wireless (MDP) -> LEDPlayer

Rocket Effects -> LEDPlayer -> Wireless (MDP) -> Daktronics Scoreboard

Through LEDPlayer, any input can be converted to any output:

All Sport 5000 -> Wireless (MDP) -> LEDPlayer -> Wireless -> Fair-Play

LEDPlayer is our software that processes the data and displays it directly and can then rebroadcast it a different protocol for use with existing scoreboards. This software can run on a regular windows PC or it can run on our special Android converter box or Raspberry Pi or Mac or almost any device.