In the world of racing, every millisecond counts. Whether it’s car racing, horse racing, or any other type of racing event, having a reliable and high-quality scoreboard is essential for keeping track of the race progress and enhancing the overall experience for both spectators and participants. While traditional scoreboards have been used in the past, investing in a LED video scoreboard can provide several advantages that are worth considering.

Real-time data integration

LED video scoreboards for racing offer real-time data integration with racing event timing systems, such as Orbits and MyLaps. This means that data from the timing system, such as lap times, speed, and race standings, can be displayed on the scoreboard in real-time, providing spectators with a much more immersive experience. This data can also be used by participants to analyze their performance after the event, allowing them to make improvements and increase their chances of winning in future races.


LED video scoreboards offer greater customization options than traditional scoreboards. Not only can they display race data, but they can also display videos, graphics, and other multimedia content, creating a more immersive and dynamic environment. Additionally, sponsors and advertisements can be displayed on the scoreboard, providing an opportunity to generate additional revenue for the event.

Improved Visibility

LED video scoreboards offer improved visibility, allowing spectators to see the race progress, the participant’s names, and their speeds in high-resolution, real-time display. This makes it easier for spectators to follow along with the action, and it also ensures that the information displayed on the scoreboard is accurate and up to date.

Real-time updates

In racing events, where every second counts, real-time updates are crucial. With a LED video scoreboard, the scorekeeper can input data more quickly and accurately than with a traditional scoreboard. This ensures that the information displayed on the scoreboard is always accurate and up to date, keeping the participants and spectators informed at all times.


In conclusion, investing in a LED video scoreboard for racing events can provide numerous benefits such as real-time data integration, improved visibility, customization, and real-time updates. The integration with timing systems such as Orbits and MyLaps allows for the scoreboard to display real-time data, providing an immersive experience for the spectators and participants. The technology of LED video scoreboards is the future of sports, and it’s an investment that’s well worth making for any racing event.