Laptop/Tablet -> TB6 -> Scoretable, Video Wall

Our player can be installed directly on the TB6. Our player comes in 2 modes: Sign and Scoreboard. Sign is $495 and Scoreboard is $2495. Sign mode can NOT display scoreboard data.

TB6 Limitation: Can only use our Desktop or Tablet based controller. There is no way to get RS232 data into this board due to limitations of the USB port on the TB6. If you need to use a TB6 AND a traditional console, you will need to purchase a converter box.

Wired Protocol Converter Box: $495

Converts wired signal from Electro-Mech to

Wireless Protocol Converter Box: $695

Wireless Protocol Receiver: $395

Receives wireless signal from Electro-Mech into a computer.

Dealer Discount is 20%.

Linux PCB + MSD300 = Win?

Controller Options:

Laptop + TB6

Laptop + VX4S

Laptop + VX6S

Tablet + TB6

Question: Right now there are 2 TB6. Where are they located?